Please note that the GATE on Channel Road at the south end of Duck Lake will RE-OPEN on schedule for SATURDAY, MAY 1st, 2021
Vehicle Access Closure at Duck Lake South Dike February 23, 2021
Duck Lake Vehicle Access Closed. Due to the warmer and fluctuating temperatures we’re experiencing, we have closed the gate at the south end of Duck Lake to preserve the integrity of the dike. We will monitor and re-open when the dike conditions become suitable again. Please note that the vehicle access closure for the conservation...
GATE OPENED – at Duck Lake south dike February 8/21
The gate at the south dike of Duck Lake has now been re-opened as the cold weather has helped to firm the surface of the dike for travel.  Thank you for your patience.
Duck Lake Users – Duck Lake South Gate Closed Due to Weather & Dike Conditions
Duck Lake Users - please note that the gate at the south of Duck Lake end has been closed as of February 2nd due to the inclement weather we are experiencing. The rain, freeze and thaw has made the dike soft and easily damaged by motorized vehicles. It will be re-opened when conditions are deemed to...
The access to Duck Lake from Channel Road is now Open!
Thank you Environment and Climate Change Canada! In partnership with Duck Unlimited Canada, with funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada – Community Nominated Priority Places for Species at Risk Program, we just completed a water control upgrade at the south end of Duck Lake. The project started on October 15th with a fish and amphibian...


Dedicated and passionate individuals and organizations around the world work hard to make sure our outstanding natural spaces remain intact. In the Creston Valley, we are fortunate to have a rich history in conservation. Many people, too many to name, were instrumental in promoting the conservation and protection of the diverse landscape we now call the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.

Habitat Management


The CVWMA was born out of the sustained commitment and enthusiasm of a handful of persistent conservationists.

Description of Area

The CVWMA covers 7,000 hectares of provincial land, or an area that averages 20 km long by 3.4 km wide.

Management Techniques

A variety of habitat management techniques have been applied to the CVWMA since its inception in 1968.


Research on the tree swallow was initiated at the CrVWMA from 1996-97 by a PhD student from the University of BC.

Wetlands & Wildlife


Easy, 24/7 access to kilometres of flat-top dyke trails offers amazing opportunities to view a large diversity of wildlife. Year round trail access allows visitors to access the area by hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Self-guided walking trails, covered multi level viewing towers and boardwalk trails provide the ideal means to explore the Area.


The CVWMA attracts over 35,000 visitors per year from around the world. As part of the International Selkirk Loop, the CVWMA is a major destination and attraction for people traveling through southeastern BC.