There are amazing opportunities for boating in the area. Please review the regulations below before heading out on the water.

If you are interested in canoeing and kayaking, the Kootenay River offers some great opportunities. There are a variety of rustic launch points to access various sections. Please refer to the boat launch information below.

Paddling through the various ponds of the wetland offers various challenges. One concern is the disturbance of both migratory and nesting waterfowl and other bird species. Also, water levels fluctuate seasonally, making it difficult to maneuver through the mud and vegetation. If you have questions about exploring the wetland ponds via boat, please feel free to Contact Us

Rowboats, dingys and other small boats are often used by hunters and fishers to gain access to areas of the CVWMA. Please refer to the regulations below for information on motor restrictions and permits needed to store boats.

Boating Rules and Regulations

Please adhere to the following rules and regulations when boating on the CVWMA property:

  1. Non-motorized boats are allowed. Motorized boats are restricted to 10 horsepower or less (except on Kootenay River where any horsepower is permitted) and are prohibited from Duck Lake Unit and the Recreation Area around the Discovery Centre.

Boat Storage Permit and Policy

If you are interested in storing at boat on the CVWMA property, a yearly boat storage permit must be purchased.  You will receive a decal that MUST be affixed to and displayed visibly on your boat.

Please note! The full quota of 2023-24 boat storage permits has been sold. No further boat storage permits will be issued within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024.


Boat storage permits are not currently available!

Please read the Boat Storage Permit Policy before processing permit and it is recommended to call the administration office for details on availability. 250-402-6900 

When available, a boat storage permit can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. In person at our Administration Building
  2. Download a boat storage permit form and mail it in to us with payment.



If you are interested in getting a boat out on the water, there is a boat launch on the west side of Duck Lake and at various locations along the Kootenay River.

If you want to access Duck Lake at Sirdar, where you can launch a boat as well as store a boat with a valid permit, you must drive along Highway 3A and access the area at the town of Sirdar. If you are driving along the CVMWA dykes at Duck Lake, there is no access to Highway 3A and the Sirdar area.

Please see the CVWMA Access Map for more information on launch points.

Guided Canoe Tours

The Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society (250-402-8661) offers guided canoe tours from May to August in the ponds and channels around the Discovery Centre. A trained Naturalist will take you out in large voyageur style canoes for a one hour tour. You will learn all about the wetland and the wildlife that live here. It is an amazing way to explore the area.