Permit Information

Permits and applicable user fees are required for various activities. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Commercial activities (photography, filming, etc.)
  • Organized group activities (school groups, Scouts, etc.)
  • Special events
  • Capture or removal of wildlife (including hunting, fishing, trapping)
  • Collection of any natural resource (if we deem appropriate)
  • Agricultural or industrial purposes
  • Installation or erection of any structures or signs
  • Boat storage
  • Scientific research and/or collection


The following permits can be obtained online through our website:

Hunting Permit

Fishing Permit

Boat Storage Permit

All permits can also be obtained in person, year round at the Administration Office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for any other permit inquires.

Research/Project Application

Projects to be conducted on the CVWMA must match the mandate, mission and goals of the CVWMA. Preference will be given to projects that complement and do not duplicate the work of other agencies/organizations or individuals, and that involve partnership with the CVWMA or other groups whenever possible.

Projects will be reviewed by the CVWMA for achievability, biological soundness and CVWMA desirability. Permits (with terms and conditions) may be issued based in part on the information provided here. Note that this is not a funding application form.


To complete a Project Application, please contact us for the current form.