Out of respect for the many birds (with the nesting season beginning for some species), as well as the wildlife who make this habitat their home, CVWMA users are required to keep dogs on leash so they are under control at all times! Although we all like to see dogs running, playing and having fun, the CVWMA was created for conservation of a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Birds and wildlife, however, don’t view the dogs as “playful” – they view them as predators and react to them as such! When domestic dogs are allowed to run at large it disrupts the nesting process as well as causing anxiety for all the wildlife species who dwell here. Every day, these species already deal with natural wild predation. Let’s allow them their best chance at procreation and survival by not adding domestic dogs to the mix. Please keep your dogs on leash AT ALL TIMES on the wildlife management area. Also, out of respect for all other users of the area, please pick up after your dog!

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