Thank you Environment and Climate Change Canada!

In partnership with Duck Unlimited Canada, with funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada – Community Nominated Priority Places for Species at Risk Program, we just completed a water control upgrade at the south end of Duck Lake. The project started on October 15th with a fish and amphibian salvage and was completed on October 30th with seeding of the site. The old pumphouse and associated sluice gates were demolished and taken out, and a new water control was installed. Two concrete headwalls respectively equipped with a sluice gate were attached at each end of the culvert that runs through the dike. The new water control will help us continue managing the water levels in the Duck Lake Nesting Area for the benefit of the federally endangered Northern Leopard Frog, the last population of that species in British Columbia. The new 900mm “High Density Poly-Ethylene” culvert and concrete headwalls will increase efficiency when moving water from Duck Lake to the Nesting Area and should last for 50+ years. As well, it will be much easier to operate and remove debris from beaver activity around the sluice gates. A big “Thank you” to all CVWMA users for staying out of the work area during the construction period – it made our job much easier! Also, thank you to the FortisBC crew who helped with relocating the pole with the Osprey out of the construction zone!



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