UPDATE:  August 18 2021    “Wildlife Wander” trail re-opened

The “Wildlife Wander” trail that was closed July 9th has now been re-opened as no recent grizzly bear activity has been observed. Please remember this is a wildlife management area and always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings when enjoying the CVWMA trails.

Trail Closed – Grizzly Bear Activity! Friday, July 9 2021
“Wildlife Wander” TRAIL CLOSED to public.
We have just closed the back side of Pond 2b in Corn Creek Marsh due to grizzly bear activity. A sow with cubs charged our staff vehicle this morning during a water level routine check. The incident happened in a flash and it is not safe for anyone on foot or bicycle to wander along that trail.
Please, respect the closure and keep “Bears and People Safe”!
Thank you!

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